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Tips on Writing Children’s Books

Inspire a generation of readers with your book and learn how to provide children with wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Writing novels for children allows your creativity and raw imagination to shine through in ways that other genres just can’t match. It’s an exciting, limitless, and an enjoyable sector of fiction that, once you start writing, you won’t want to stop. Whether this is your first foray, or you’re an experienced author, these tips will help you get your creative juices flowing from chapter to chapter and title to title.

Keep in contact with those working in the genre
Children’s libraries are a fantastic place to meet those working with children’s fiction on a daily basis. Speak to library workers and keep abreast of the newest titles, latest favorites, and workshops and reading clubs that you can attend. If there are events at the library, get involved and offer to read and help out – these are a great way to gauge audience’s likes and dislikes, as well as their appetite for further fiction.

Building contacts here and with other writers means that when the time comes for your novel or picture book to be published, you’ll being in a good place to get a foot up when it comes to marketing and promotion.

Re-visit your childhood
Adults often struggle with the concepts and creativity behind children’s books because, well, we’re just not open-minded enough! Children’s fiction is a genre where anything can happen, because the imaginations of young ones are so vast and varied that they’re nearly impossible to tame.

Yes, now you’re a responsible adult you don’t think in the same way you did when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-visit it. Dig up your old photos and home videos and visit old haunts where you used to play or holiday if you can. Jogging the memory to bring back old thoughts, hopes and visuals can help open your mind and contribute to really getting back into the mindset of a child. Plus, it’s fun!

Consider joining a club of professionals
There are lots of resources both online and off for children’s fiction writers, including professional societies and interest groups. Such facilities can be invaluable for you to bounce ideas off of others, learn best practice for the industry, and share tips on self-publishing. You don’t need to be a professional to join nor do you need any experience, so have a search for resources and get involved with those that interest you. You can learn a lot from others – even if it’s just what ‘not’ to do – so sign up and start seeking stories and sharing skills!

Writing children’s fiction books allows you to break free from conventional genre boundaries and to really exercise your creative muscles. Be warned though, this genre can quickly affect your perspective and thinking, and you’ll soon be living and breathing a colourful, exciting, bold new world for real!

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