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How to Write a Business Book

Learn to become a recognized authority in your industry with a well-written business book. Done well, you can quickly build cult-like fame amongst your peers or even be credited with changing the way business is done. Titles can be responsible for shaping or breaking entrepreneurs’ strategies and are often referred to in history to illustrate the development and journeys of business practice.
Do you have what it takes to write a successful business book? If you keep in mind the following, you may well…

Remember: You don’t need to be an author to write in business
By its nature, most business writers aren’t full-time authors, and many aren’t even hobby writers. Instead, this genre is primarily penned by those in high ranking or leadership positions in the related industry, as well as entrepreneurs who have tried, failed, or both, to broaden a business proposition or sector. If you’re not a ‘writer’ per se, fear not: there’s help out there and editors available to keep you on the right track toward producing a piece of writing that will be well-received and effective.

Be prepared to self-promote… a LOT
You’ll need to do a lot of self-promotion, although don’t be shy about contacting specialists in book marketing for extra help. Get your social media profile ship shape, start attending relevant industry events, and gift copies of your book to influencers in the sector. The holy grail of business books is word-of-mouth promotion and once your title starts to be recognised by those ‘in the know’ on your chosen topic, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure you really care about the topic at hand
Business is something most spend a set amount of hours a day working on, and then turn away back to their personal lives when that time is up. Finding the motivation to write about business outside of work can be difficult, particularly when you have numerous other priorities and responsibilities. In order to not get swept up in a fog of procrastination and disinterest, be sure before you embark on your project that you’re really passionate about the topic you’ll be writing on. If you need to narrow down your focus and can do so without compromising your book’s purpose, do so.

Ensure your book has a clear USP
Some sectors and topics attract more books than others, so it’s vital that your writing has a USP (unique selling point). It should make a point, hold a view, or suggest an approach that is different to others expressed in existing relevant business books available. Whilst you shouldn’t opt for controversy for controversy’s sake, you do need to be bold enough to be different, and to articulate this difference well.
Business writing is an exceedingly ‘open’ genre and one that, if you care enough, you can make real progress within, developing both your writing career and any other profession you hold. Getting started can be tricky, but remain open-minded and focused and you’ll soon be on the path to success.

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