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Writer’s ruin; How to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a human habit and one that all of us fall prey to at one point in time. However, when procrastination kicks in and puts you off your writing, you can quickly find yourself never finishing that book. This is not a situation you should let yourself be in, particularly when a bestseller could be at the end of your fingertips, so it’s best to avoid it completely and discipline yourself into more productive habits. How? We have some suggestions…

Plan ahead
Reverting back to a school-style type study plan can work wonders for your writing; as long as you’re determined to stick to it. Start with a deadline and commit to it. From there, allocate out time on a regular basis to sit down, research (if required) and write. Make sure the time you set aside is protected and you’re free from distractions during it. This will give you the best possible chance at really getting into your book.

Writing a novel in workable chunks
Whether or not you choose to create a work plan, breaking up your writing into small, manageable pieces (perhaps per chapter) and applying yourself to each bit-by-bit makes the overall task seem more workable. This will make it easier to set goals throughout the project and to motivate yourself to get through each piece. Splitting your work into smaller sections will make finishing your book more achievable; in parts and overall.

Discard your fear
A great of deal of writer’s procrastination can be attributed to the fear of failure. It’s natural to feel apprehensive before writing a book, but you shouldn’t allow your trepidation to stop you starting or progressing. Give yourself time to be anxious and to mentally process it, then push it out of your mind. You simply can’t permit fear to take up any more of your time.

Make yourself accountable
If you’re a serial procrastinator and find that you largely get away with it scot-free, it’s time to allocate some accountability. Choose a confidante and have them hold you to account with pre-determined progress goals. This may be rewarding you, checking in on progress and giving you a good nag or sometimes, forcing you to sit down and focus. Make sure the person in question won’t go too easy on you though – or you may never get anything done!
Once you’ve found a way that helps you measurably decrease your procrastination time and increase your productivity, stick to it! The ultimate goal is to find enough time to fit in even more writing and once you’ve managed that, the writing world is your oyster.

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