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Writing a good book blurb

Writing a good blurb

Writing a good blurb is one of the most important ways to attract people to your book and encourage them to buy it.

Here, you can learn some tips on how to create a blurb that will help readers understand what your book is about and why they should buy it.

Firstly, what’s a blurb?
A blurb is a short description of your book.

Where does it go?
A blurb is often printed on the back cover of books, but much more importantly, it’s also the Product Description on Amazon and the other retailers.

What does it do?
You only have a few seconds to impress readers, so a blurb must quickly catch their attention and make them want to find out more.

How big should it be?
Ideally, up to 150 words.

What do I write?
Make it enticing. It’s not a book report, it’s an advertisement.
Keep it simple and avoid introducing too many characters as too many names can be confusing.
Stick with universal themes that people quickly identify with, like:

Well-written blurbs are easy on the eye, so avoid technical jargon and big words. Keep job titles as simple as possible, so teacher is good, but Educational Fulfillment Co-ordinator is bad!

How much of my plot should I reveal?
A good blurb is a bit of a tease!
People love a mystery and always want to know more. Introduce some intrigue so readers become curious. Give away enough to make people ask questions, but not enough to find answers – unless they buy your book!

Do I write about myself in the blurb?
No, unless it is relevant to the book content. Author information is usually separate.

Should I add good reviews to the blurb?
Yes, if you have them.
Choose the best parts of good reviews for your book, then add a line or two before and after your blurb.
If your book is part of a series, it’s good to mention this, but only towards the end of the blurb as you’ll want to use the beginning to ‘sell’ this book.

Need more help?
Imagine describing your book to someone you didn’t know and you only have a few minutes to do it.
What would you say?
What would attract people’s attention?
How would you make them curious?
Can you describe the characters easily?
What’s interesting and likeable about your book?

Narrow that down and you’ll end up with a great blurb

I give up! Can I get a professional to write a blurb for me?
Yes, contact PublishNation for details.

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